Below you can see our recent Land Cruiser and Land Rover restorations .

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 13B-T conversion/ restoration

Toyota Land Cruiser Bj73, 3b to 13B-t conversion. color 6h9. original Toyota Soft-top was added.



Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73 Safari Cruiser

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser LJ73, This will be converted to cabrio. 

This Toyota Land Cruiser is build for Touriffic Ibiza Safari

Land Rover Defender 300tdi rstoration

Restoration Land rover Defender Pastel Green 1997, rebuild with complete new galvanised chassis.


1350 hours labour

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ73 2H Turbo conversion/ restoration

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser Bj73 1990.

Vm motori 5 cylinder. converted into 2H turbo engine

New paint

new original Toyota Soft-top

tyres and rims

brakes and shocks


Toyota land cruiser BJ42, 12h-t conversion/ restoration

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruiser Bj42, powersteering and 12h-t engine swap.



toyota land cruiser bj42, 12h-t conversion / restoration

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42, breath green, 3b to 12h-t swap, and 5 speed H55F transmission.


land rover defender 300tdi restoration

Restoration Land Rover Defender 300Tdi 1998, canvas hood. Pastel green.


Land Rover Defender 'Spectre' M3 Powered

We are building a Land Rover Defender 110 James Bond Spectre style. Powered with a s54 BMW 3.2 liter straight six M3 365 hp engine..

toyota land cruiser hj47, 12h-t engine conversion

Toyota Land Cruiser Hj47,

By this project we changed the 2H engine for a 12H-T engine, and the 4 speed transmission for a 5 speed H55F. We changed the suspension for OME leafs and Shock 2 inch lift. And we added a rear locker.


land rover defender td5 restoration

Restoration Land Rover Defender 110  Td5 Oslo blue

toyota land cruiser bj42, restoration

Toyota Land Cruiser Bj42, 3B engine full body-off restoration

toyota land cruiser bj42

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 1981, 3,4 cylinder diesel.


volkswagen Lt doka 4x4, conversion

Restoration, Volkswagen LT 4x4 DOKA, 2,4 l 6 cylinder diesel, We converted a 2WD Volkswagen LT longbed into a shortbed Volkswagen LT 4wd. We can also turn 2wd Volkswagen LT Campers into 4x4 LT's


Toyota Land Cruiser Bj73, 1hd-t converion

Toyota Land Cruiser Bj73 conversion from 3Bto 1hD-t engine and 5 speed H55F transmission.

* aluminum rims

* suspension

* brakesystem

* a/c

* 1hd-t engine swap

* 5 speed H55F transmission

land rover defender 110 hcpu td5

Restoration Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU 1999, 

toyota land cruiser hzj74 1hz

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser Hzj74, 2001 , 1Hz 


land rover series 3 88'' 200tdi

Restoration Land Rover series 3. converted with 200tdi engine and powerstreering.

toyota land cruiser prado kzj78, 1kz-te resto

Restoration Toyota Land cruiser KZJ78 1994 1kz-te engine

toyota land cruiser fzj80 1fz-fe

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser Fzj80, 1996

video :

Humvee, am general

Restoration AM General, Hummer H1 Diesel

Video :

toyota land cruiser hdj80. 1hd-ft

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser Hdj 80, 1995 1hd-ft Midnight blue

video :

land rover series 2 restoration

Land Rover Series 2a , see the youtube video for the result.


326 hours labour

Video :

land rover defender series 3 restoration

Giving this Land Rover serie 3 a little bit of TLC. New doors, fuel tank and radiator.  and underbody coating

video :


109 hours labour

toyota land cruiser hdj80, 1hd-ft

Restoration Toyota Land Cruiser Hdj80 24 valve 1995

Video :

video ;

toyota land cruiser bj73 2h-t conversion

Modification Bj42, engine swap from 3B engine to a 2h-t Turbo diesel engine with a 5 speed H55f transmission.

video :

land rover defender 90, td5

Restoration Land Rover defender 90 Td5

land rover defender 130, td5

Rerstoration Land rover defender hcpu, 130 td5 2004 

Video :

suzuki samurai Restoration

Restoration Suzuki Samurai, 1992

video :

land rover defender 90, td5 restoration

Restoration Land Rover Td5 G4

video :

jeep wagoneer, chief restoration

Restoration Jeep Wagoneer, 360 cid, 1980

volvo c303, modified with toyota 1HZ turbo engine

Modification, Volvo C303, modified with 1hz-turbo engine, powersteering and coils springs

video :

Willys pick-up

Willys pick-up body-off restoration, two-tone and white-wall tires.

toyota land cruiser hdj80, 40 body

Modification of a Toyota Land Cruiser Hdj80+ J45 body, We took the chassis, engine and the driveline of a Hdj80 and placed a 45 body on top. Follow this project it is still in progress. 

video :

toyota land cruiser hdj80

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruiser Hdj 80 1995, 24 valve turbo-intercooler, pirate black

toyota land cruiser lj70 restoration

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruiser LJ 70, Sand yellow

Video :

toyota land cruiser hj61 paintjob

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruiser HJ61, 12h-t engine, travel car

video :

toyota land cruiser hi-lux

Paintjob, Toyota Hi-lux

video :

toyota land cruiser kzj73 1KZ-T

Toyota Land Cruiser, Kzj73, 1994, dune beige

video :

Toyota land cruiser Bj73

Modified and restored, Toyota, Land Cruiser, Bj73, 1987, 12h-t Engine

video :

toyota land cruiser Fj40 body-off restoration

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruiser Fj40, body-off restoration

for sale €52,500 look at for sale page. 


suzuki samurai

 1998 Suzuki Samurai Black and Blue

toyota land cruiser hzj73 resto

Restoration, Hzj73 Charcoal gray


land rover series 3 restoration

Tlc, Land Rover series 3, 1980.


toyota land cruiser fj60 restoration

Restoration, Toyota Land Cruisr Fj60 2f 4200 cc


land rover defender 110

Land Rover Defender 110, Td5